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oh hell no

fucking nope.


I think this movie traumatized a generation.
posted: March 28th • 16:17
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Okay, before I go to sleep…

do I watch Kamikaze Girls or Memories of Matsuko?

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I can’t properly express all of the feelings I’m feeling after seeing The Avengers. I just want to cry a little bit and watch all of the previous films until I go to sleep. It’s love. + 1
Just saw The Avengers

Fucking. Awesomesauce.

God Bless Joss Whedon.

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If you appreciate a powerful movie.
If you appreciate genuine thought provocation.
If you appreciate a film that deals with serious issues.
If you appreciate the films that resonate and truly stay with you.
If you appreciate the wonder and magnificence of Japanese cinema.
If you appreciate the brilliance, acuity and sheer genius of Tetsuya Nakashima.
This is for you.
Know this - it is not for the faint of heart.
This film is very dear to me, it has been a long time since I have watched it and yet it still feels like only yesterday. If you are in the mood for something “deep”, consider this. posted: April 16th • 5:44
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Shuya Nanahara Forever


I saw The Hunger Games on Friday night. I liked it, because I liked the actors and of course I liked the concept because I’m familiar with it.


At the top of my list of movies and or novels about children in a totalitarian society being forced to kill each other for sport, Battle Royale will always be up there.

This isn’t to say I won’t watch THG movies or read the books, but I have an issue with people taking ideas from something and pretending they’ve never heard of it in their life.

If you’re going to make something appear so similar to the point where someone notices and you are questioned about it, at least have the decency to acknowledge it.

I don’t buy the whole “never heard of it” excuse.

I don’t know what would be worse for other people but I’d much rather someone admit where they got their idea from and then I can respect their work more.

I don’t like when people recycle ideas and everyone acts as though it’s the most original and life - changing thing that ever happened. It’s been done before.

People confuse “recycling” with paying an homage. You find this issue all over the music industry in particular lately. But this isn’t an homage. It’s “recycling” for a new audience.

The similarities are genuinely ridiculous, I have to laugh about it now.

Maybe it’s a personal issue I have with the American Film Industry and its obsession with “recycling” and remakes and taking (particularly) Asian cinema/literature and turning it into shit.

Not everyone wants to learn another language to watch a movie or get used to subtitles. shrug I like it. It was the way the writers/directors/actors intended it.

Each to their own ;)

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Sin City 2 & Machete Kills?


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